I am in a hotel in a place that I have only dreamed about

My baggage is too heavy to go anywhere

I am hiding in the gym on the 1rst floor

sitting on the floor because I didn’t

know where else to go.I am using my computer

as a distraction because I needed an escape

The baggage I was referring to earlier was

emotional and sorry to say the human company

I travel with. When there is mental health

as well as addiction in your family tree

you can use it as an excuse (which I have)

for many years (decades) but the game is over

I take my own demons with me where ever I go

Happy to say some demons have retired or moved on

but I still have enough where I can only carry

my own, I can’t fight others demons when they …

can’t even see or admit the sickness…

There are beautiful people in the world but

how can you feel the warmth if you let yourself

stay in a cold place.



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